JISKRA  Strážce z Tibetu

HD A, 72 cm

The only female in Bali´s litter. I wanted to keep golden female, but than I was happy that one female was born! It doesn´t matter that she isn´t golden, she is my big girl.







22.3.2017 22.4.2017 - more photos here







3.12.2017   3.5.2018



PROXIMA Strážce z Tibetu


HD A, ED 0, LTV 0

My youngest female, very clever, kind to my little granddaughter









And veterans


Cassiopea  Strážce z Tibetu


excellent, HD A/A


Cassi stayed at home, she is happy clever friendly girl. She has excellent movement and angulation.




Ancestors with photos

are here




5 weeks

8 weeks 8 weeks
3,5 months 11 months 14 months
28.12.2015 16.01.2016 - more photos 24.02.2017



Bu-Mo Chig  Strážce z Tibetu


excellent, res.CAC, Czech Veteran Champion


Female which chose my husband, daughter of Quantus and Sal-Le-Ba, I call her Eli as her grandmother Ellisabeth. Eli is very kind girl as her mother Sal-Le-Ba.








7,5 weeks

Club Show 21.4.2012 14.5.2012


1 year   4 years