Here are some males and females born in our kennel


ARON, Czech Champion, Club Winner


CONGAR and little FALCO





CHARON, male, Czech, Slovak, Polish Champion, Junior Champion, CAC at European Dog Show, 2x Club Champion, BOG 3 



IRDLOW,   male, WORLD WINNER VETERAN 2009, Czech Champion, German Champion, Czech Grandchampion,  2xBOB,  Club Champion of KTD ÈR, Club Champion of KCHMPP, Club Winner KTD 2007,  National Winner etc, HD A/A.

LAMTO, male,  Russian Junior Champion,  Russian Champion, Club Champion, Grandchampion, Interchampion

MARGAD, male, Russian Junior Champion, Russian Champion, Russian Grandchampion, Club Champion, 87 cm, 92 kg



LHAMO, female,  Russian Junior Champion, Russian Champion, Club Champion, Grandchampion

MARPO KANDA, female, CAC at Club Show, very big girl

PASANG LHAMO, female, 1,5 year



ORIANA (1 year)

MINGBO-LA, female, res.CAC at Club Show

DHULI (7years) and OBEA (1year), National Winner



2006 - enlarge photo
FALCO Strazce z Tibetu - EUROPEAN WINNER 2003, Interchampion, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Austrian Champion, Winner of Central and East Europe, Champion of Champions 2001,2003, BOB at Austrian Club Show 2004, 2x Club Champion, 10x Club Winner, 3x Winner of Special Show, VDH-Sieger Leipzig 2002, 11x BIG, 51x BOB, 32x CACIB, 6x National Winner etc. etc.   HD 0/0



ONASSIA, female, Czech Junior Champion, CAC,CACIB,2xClass Winner, Regional Winner, 3x res.CAC

OPAGME , male, 2 years at photo

OS-PA BRUG, male, Polish Young Winner, Champion of Poland



enlarge photo

MIMAYIN, male,  HD 0/0,  WORLD WINNER 2006,  Hungarian,  Austrian,  Romanian,  Polish,  Luxembourg, Croatian, Slovak Champion, CAC at European Dog Show 2005,  Hungarian Grand Champion  etc. etc.



PAY-MA (11 months), res.CAC at Club Show


PO-NYA , Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion,  12xCAC, 2xCWC, BOB, BIG. Club Junior Champion of KCHMPP, Club Champion of KTD ÈR, 2x National Winner, Winner of Special Show, 2xBest female of Club Show

AMOR (10 months)








 ANNABELL, 8 years at photo, Interchampion, Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, 3x BOB, National Winner, Club Champion, 2x Club Winner, 2x Best Veteran         

  CHHEN ,   stud male, Czech Champion, 2xBOB,      2x Club Champion, 2x Young Winner of Special Club Show


  JIN, Czech Champion, 2x CACIB, BOB, BIG, 2x Club Champion etc.




KHANDOMA, female, CAC at Eurodogshow 2003


PRUGRU, male, 11 months, CAJC


NEWARI, female, 15 months, CACIB, CAC, res.CAC at Club Show






PALDEN KHYI, male, 1 year, 20 months

ORETTA, female, 2 years, Young Champion of Poland, CWC at World Dog Show 2006

  PEMPA, male, 10 months, 2,5 years , exc.1, CAJC, CAC   



QUAERE, male, 17 months, best male puppy in Finland 2006 QETIR, male, 9 months QUINCY, female, 15 months, CACL, res.CACIB



MAA MO, female,2x Hungarian Champion, 2x Hungarian Show Champion, Hungarian Grand Show Champion, Romanian Champion, Srbije-Crnagora Champion, Bosnia and Hercegovina Champion, MKSZ Hung. Champion, 30xBOB, 14xCACIB, 3xR.CACIB, 38xCAC RABGYAL SINGHE, male, 9 months



RAG-PA,  11 months, with friend kitten, CAC at Club Show




RINA, female, 2 years at photo RA-GAN KHYI, male, 14 months UNIVIRA  3,5 months and PO-NYA  2,5 years, females
U´LHAWANG, male, 3,5 months and 1,5 years, BOB, BIS


        TSAMO BALI, female, 4,5 months - more photos of playing puppies here - click and a little older, CAC, CACIB   UNIVIRA, female, 6 months, 1 year, Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Club Junior Champion KCHMPP, Club Champion KCHMPP, Club Champion KTD,  Club Winner KTD 2009,Winner of Specialty Show KTD, 5xBOB, 2x CWC
UMBROSUS, male, 7 months RAN-DGA-BA, male, 2 years TANGPO, male, 2 months, 15 months
WANGDAK,  stud male, 9 months, 2x CAC, HD A/A VENTUS, male, 1 year SAL-LE-BA, female 3 years and her mother Ellisabeth 11 years
                      enlarge photo
URSUS, male, Russian Champion, Champion RKF


XIA, female, American Champion


XENIE, female, JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2009, Russian Junior Champion, Slovinian Junior Champion, Junior Club Champion, Belarussian Champion, Belarussian Grand Champion, Club Champion, Champion of RKF, Russian Grand Champion

                        enlarge photo  

SONJA,  female, Club Winner KCHMPP, Club Champion KTD, Junior Bundessieger, Junior Club Winner of KTR Club, Best Junior, CAC SK, res. CACIB, CACIB   XAWAN, male, 15 months at photo, Russian Junior Club Winner, Russian Champion, Champion of Breed 2009, Best Male of Breed 2009 YIDAM, female, 8 months and 10,5 at photo, very promising 1, Best Puppy, Romanian Junior Champion



CHUA-JEN, female,  Czech Champion, BOB, Club Winner 2002, Czech Veteran Champion





ELLISABETH, female, WORLD WINNER 2003, WORLD WINNER VETERAN 2009,  BOB Veteran at WDS, Interchampion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Champion of Poland, 2x Club Champion, Club Winner of  KCHMPP  CR 2000,2001,2003,2004,2005,2006, Club Winner of KTD CR 2003,2004,2005,2006, Winner of East and Central Europe, National  Winner,  Czech Veteran Champion (2x BOB when she was in  veteran class)  etc.


ZI-WA, male,  11 months at photo, Ukrainian Junior Champion