ANIK-CHIN Alatna    "Aisha"

ÈsHPK 16/92/96     *5.11.1992

Aisha was a beautiful puppy, black with defined markings, large and bushy.  The word  I  think of now, when someone asks about her is  warm-hearted. Aisha was mild and kind, tender and quiet. When we heard her unusually deep voice booming, something had happened. Aisha had puppies once, but  was an excellent nurse for other puppies too.   When her friend Bali had puppies and could no longer breast feed, Aisha took over the role of mom, played with them, taught them everything and it was fun for her.

Aisha passed at ten years of age and was quite some time ago, but we still miss her.






BALI Alatna    "Bali"

ÈsHPK 28/92/95     *16.11.1992







    Summer Show 1996    


You would probably not have chosen Bali as puppy, but I liked her bemused view - her appearance not impressive nor was she such a bear as Aisha. But after some months, Bali grew to be a beauty. Bali is the mother of our Annabell, Ellisabeth and Chua-Jen. She was an excellent show and breeding female. Even when she was 11.5 years, she won BOB at the Club show. To her last days she was healthy and active. She was 12 years and then one morning did not awaken.





CHUA-JEN Strážce z Tibetu     "Chua"




Chua ... left suddenly and soon, in nine years because of the tumor on her leg. Our first golden girl... Chua was nice to people, great strong female, from their mature alpha female of our pack, calm and  deliberate, she was one of the biggest females in Europe at that time, 72 cm. Gave us beautiful puppies, some of them live with us. We love her so much and  certainly she loved us.






Czech Champion, BOB, Club Winner 2002, Czech Veteran Champion, one of the biggest females in Europe - 72 cm, HD 0 / 0



    at 8 years




ANNABELL Strážce z Tibetu    "Anie"



Anie  was born in our first TM litter. I'm glad she lived with us so long, 14 years on the Tibetan mastiff is a lot, but even so you are never ready. Anie threw everything into her head, to show her we did not have to learn, always stood exactly as it was needed and had to admire. Home was nice to visitors in the garden, but alas, when you pushed your hand through the fence. She was hardworking guardian, everywhere the first, so much wanted to be leader of the pack, but she never failed. Especially her sons were beautiful big guys, like you've ever seen at exhibitions, the most traveled Irdlow Strážce z Tibetu  and Falco Strážce z Tibetu. Good bye, Anie...






INTERCHAMPION. Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Club Winner 1997 and 1998, Club Champion KCHMPP, Primus Junior, Junior Optimus, 4x BOB, Regional Winner,  Best Female of Regional Exhibition, National Winner, Best Veteran 4x, Czech Veteran Champion              





11 years - at show


12 years


12,5 years-enlarge photo by clicking







PHOU-SHENG des Mille Vallees    "Tashi"



Tashi, my darling, he behaves sometimes like a cat, he liked to cuddle more than girls, but he was always leader of all our pack. Great, strong, beautiful, nice dog. He was big personality.







Czech Champion, Club Winner 2004, 2x Club Champion, CWC, 2x CAC Slovakia, CAC Hu, CACA, BOB 






Photos of some Phou-Shengs offsprings        




ELLISABETH Strážce z Tibetu  "Eli"


Why is the dog's life so short? I still can not cope with the fact that Eli gone. They were so wonderful years we spent with her. I see in my mind, when I hold her in my hands when she was born, how we have cuddled her like a puppy, how we more and more understood each other ... and how we enjoyed the shows, where came turquoise Vito and jumped out of it blue and tans Eli  and Falco, how we talked with friends and even trips to shows were quickly ran away. Shows in the dog's life takes up a bit, the main is daily coexistence. Eli was totally easygoing girl, although she likes to show swore to competitors. Home has been sweet and never attempt to lead the pack, she rather was back and live peacefuly. She always welcomed visitors politely, but otherwise closely guarded. She was an avid bird hunter, and sometimes even caught a mouse, she was always enthusiastic and glory. She had puppies two times and  was very conscientious mother. But most importantly, she was OUR FRIEND.
We are very glad that we spent with her 12 years of beautiful life.



WORLD WINNER   2003, Interchampion, Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Champion of Poland, 2x Club Champion, Club Winner of  KCHMPP  CR 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,   Club Winner of KTD CR 2003,2004,2005,2006,  Winner of East and Central Europe, National  Winner, Czech Veteran Champion (2x BOB when she was in  veteran class), World Winner Veteran 2009, BOB Veteran 2009 at WDS








BOB at Club Show 2008

10 years

10,5 years




                    enlarge photo


12 years






MAITRÍ   Strážce z Tibetu   "Maitrí"


Maitri, daughter of Falco  and Chua-Jen, was the focus of our breeding program in 2003, she was compact female with feminine nice head, beautiful movement. Her brother Mimayin was World Winner 2006, other littermates Champions. Maitrí is mother of our litters U, X, Z, you can look at some of her puppies at News or Photogallery.

Maitrí, very smart, clever, independent girl, nice to my guests, she left me one and half month before her 14th birthday...


excellent,  CAC at Club Show,  Winner of open classBest Veteran at Club Show 2011























27.5.2012 - veteran class

16.01.2016 - 13 years






QUANTUS   Strážce z Tibetu   "Niki, Nikoushek"


I loved Quantus so much, he was my little big cat, he loves me very much, he liked to cuddle long long time. He was real guard, he didnt like strange people and dogs, his  heart was open for our family. He passed away at 11,5 years.








 Club Junior Champion KCHMPP


 72 cm, HD A/A








Growing photos of Quantus   click here

Quantus´ photogallery -   click here

Quantus´ offsprings -   click here

Quantus´ father  -   click here

















 30.12.2007,2 years  -  enlarge    02.05.2007
31.01.2010   09.02.2010
16.03.2011   03.04.2014

Quantus 11 years - Club Show KTD CR 2016 - exc.1



10 months (left) and 10,5 years (right)

2006 and 2016





Sal-Le-Ba  Strážce z Tibetu




"Saly" brought us joy 11.5 years. She was born at my husbands birthday, 13.12. as the best present. Saly was daughter of our dear Ellisabeth (World Winner 2003), we were waiting for Ellisabeth litter so long time. Sal-Le-Ba was happy girl, she liked to play especially with her daughter Bu-Mo Chig and friend Hu Sheng Tong and Elliot, she loved everybody and everybody loved her.


4 months   1 year   1 year
12.1.2009    23.2.2011    14.1.2017 with Quantus




Tsamo Bali  Strážce z Tibetu



Bali - big strong female with really beautiful movement, she has well ballanced character, leader of females. Bali´s father is  Falco (more about Falco-click), dog show legend of the early 21st century in Czech Republic and nearby countries.

8 weeks 3,5 months 3,5 months


5,5 months - looks at fish 8 months 9 months - more photos
1 year   2,5 years in summer
30.11.2010 29.11.2011 - enlarge photo 26.11.2015 - enlarge photo


Tseepo  Hanni to Strazce z Tibetu

Hanni left me at 11 years, I have now memories only... But her daughter

and granddaughter still live with me - Cassiopea and Proxima

excellent, CAC


Hanni is big guard, female with nice movement.





3 months 5,5 months 7 months
9 months 11 months 14.1.2014